Rakibul Hasan

Hi there! My name is Rakibul Hasan, and I'm the author behind Bicycledoor, a cycling blog dedicated to sharing my passion for biking and my experiences on two wheels. As an avid cyclist, I've been riding bikes for years, and I've gained a lot of knowledge about the sport and the equipment involved. I love to explore new roads and trails, and I enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with cycling. My goal with Bicycledoor is to share my cycling experiences with others and provide helpful information for fellow riders. I want to inspire people to get on their bikes and discover the joy of cycling for themselves. In addition to sharing my experiences, I also review bikes on Bicycledoor. As a verified purchaser, I provide honest and detailed reviews of the bikes I've ridden, including their features, pros, and cons. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just getting started, Bicycledoor has something for you. So hop on your bike and join me on this cycling adventure!

Best exercise bike for short people

Finding the best exercise bike tailored to the unique needs of shorter individuals can make a significant difference in the comfort and effectiveness of your workouts. Shorter individuals often encounter challenges when using standard-sized exercise bikes, from reaching the pedals comfortably to maintaining proper posture during exercise.  This article, I’ll explore the top exercise bikes

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