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Hi there! My name is Rakibul Hasan, and I'm the author behind Bicycledoor, a cycling blog dedicated to sharing my passion for biking and my experiences on two wheels. As an avid cyclist, I've been riding bikes for years, and I've gained a lot of knowledge about the sport and the equipment involved. I love to explore new roads and trails, and I enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with cycling. My goal with Bicycledoor is to share my cycling experiences with others and provide helpful information for fellow riders. I want to inspire people to get on their bikes and discover the joy of cycling for themselves. In addition to sharing my experiences, I also review bikes on Bicycledoor. As a verified purchaser, I provide honest and detailed reviews of the bikes I've ridden, including their features, pros, and cons. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just getting started, Bicycledoor has something for you. So hop on your bike and join me on this cycling adventure!

What Is a Balance Bike

What Is a Balance Bike?

Picture a sunny afternoon in the neighborhood park. Children of various ages are pedaling their bicycles with joyous abandon, their parents cheering them on. Amidst this scene, you notice a group of toddlers confidently gliding along on what appear to be tiny bicycles, their feet skimming the ground. These pint-sized riders are mastering the art …

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